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I decided to sell my house myself as all the agents were closed due to the pandemic and also I felt I could do a better job because I could answer any and all questions. Also I wanted to save the huge fees agents charge for not doing a very good job.

I found SellMyHouse website and was delighted to place an ad for the very reasonable price charged.

The ad remained on the site until my house was sold and they provided a very efficient service passing on all enquiries without delay and I was able to deal directly with the enquirer.

I had full details of the property and simply emailed it to the client. I was also delighted they posted a link to my aerial film which is not allowed by some of the bigger entities.

I would recommend Sellmyhouse.ie to anyone looking to manage their own sale and save money.

I saved €6300 by selling my own home myself !!!

- Jane, West Cork


Sellmyhouse.ie really works! It's a brilliant way to sell your house in Ireland and avoid expensive local Estate Agency / Auctioneer fees, which frankly are a rip-off !!!
I wrote the text for the advert myself, took the photos and also made a YouTube video. I just used my smartphone for the photos and to record the video. It’s not hard.

We got loads of enquiries, which we then dealt with ourselves – much better than waiting to get messages from potential buyers passed on by an estate agent.

We identified the serious contenders from the time wasters, and made the viewing appointments ourselves, contacting the potential buyers direct. It all worked like clockwork and we got our potential buyer – and this was even during the Covid pandemic – we managed to do the viewings when the lockdowns had been relaxed enough to do this.

I thoroughly recommend Sellmyhouse.ie for either selling your main home or a holiday cottage – it really works!

- Kate, Clare


I am delighted with this excellent, low-cost property promotion service you offer to private sellers. I sold my cottage for the full asking price, to a purchaser who came via your website. In fact, I received over 120 enquiries from my ad !! I saved thousands of euro, and would highly recommend Sellmyhouse.ie above other promotional options.

- Conor, Donegal


Fabulous website, my house was sale agreed within 2 weeks of putting it up on this site !!!

Your team was very helpful and it saved me a few thousand euros which went to pay the solicitors. Would definitely recommend this website if you want to save money when selling your house.

- Camilla, Wexford


I am very pleased to say I've now SOLD my property to buyer who came via my Ad on Sellmyhouse.ie. I've saved myself thousands and all for a €49.99 Ad !!! This is a no-brainer for any property seller. Thank you

- Marrita, Clare


I am delighted to say I've now SOLD my property to buyer who came via my Ad on Sellmyhouse.ie. We received 39 Enquiries, and had 6 Viewings from the ad and had 3 more viewing requests after we had accepted an offer. Naturally, I am very pleased with the results from Sellmyhouse.ie and would highly recommend this service to any Property Advertiser!

- Aidan, Donegal


In one month we SOLD our house via an Ad on Sellmyhouse.ie and saved thousands in fees in the process. Amazing !!! I am already advertising a second property on your site. Thanks for a great money saving service !

- William, Cork


My experience of the Sellmyhouse.ie service has been very positive! From your service, I've had over 130 Enquiries, resulting in my house being SOLD as a result of an enquiry that came from your site. All at a very low cost, in a word ... BRILLANT!"

- Laura, Offaly


Thank you for the great service. I've just accepted an offer on my Donegal Property from a buyer who came from your website. In only 6 weeks, I had multiple enquires and 3 viewing requests from your site. I also had it listed with an estate agent with limited results. I can't believe it was such an easy process I was able to correspond directly with my buyer by email to discuss issues which would have taken a long time through a third person. Your site delivered and so I've saved a lot on estate agent fees and all at a very low cost. I am pleased to highly recommend your property advertising service.

- Mary Lou, Donegal


I am delighted to be able to tell you that the sale of my house in Wexford has been completed just yesterday. I was contacted by the buyers directly through my advertisement on your site. I had tried 2 local agents without any success and had seen your site on the web and decided to give it a try . Quite frankly I was skeptical but was quickly amazed when potential buyers contacted me and quickly too !! The buyers are very happy with the house, and I am very happy with the price obtained. I priced the house realistically and obviously I was helped by the fact that there were no Auctioneers fees to be paid so I was happy to pass this saving to the buyers which helped reduce the cost to them. Sellmyhouse.ie really delivered for me ,I am delighted to recommend it to any sellers. If you have a house for sale you would have to be crazy not to try it !!!

- Brian, Wexford


I am very pleased to let you know that we have secured a buyer for this property via Sellmyhouse.ie. I followed your guidelines in constructing the ad, and the purchaser (from Switzerland) told me that she picked out our house on your site from hundreds of other Irish properties currently advertised. Our house had been advertised via an estate agent on the top Irish property portals, but I had discontinued this arrangement some months ago as it had not yielded the desired results. We chose a Featured Listing and our Sellmyhouse.ie ad certainly delivered for us and at such a low cost, I highly recommend it to private sellers as the best way to market their home online.

- Jim, Waterford


We have decided to try to sell our house ourselves as we have become so fed up with the inefficiency and expense of Agents. Despite being elderly we found placing our home with photographs on Sellmyhouse.ie easy to do. Since placing our home on this website we have had great response - not only the large number of people who have looked at the listing but since becoming a Featured Property we have had 4 viewings - more than an Agent got for us in two previous years !!! It is great to be able to check at any time to see how many views the listing has had and a great advantage to be able to quote the website address on any advertising we are doing - people like to check on the internet before making that phonecall. We also find it suits us to pay the small amount for Featured property a month at a time rather than the big amount other sites are charging and some will only list properties being sold by Agents

- Dorothy & Paddy, Kilkenny


I have already had 2 viewings from the site, and i think it is excellent. If I had used an Estate Agent, I am sure I would have been at a loss of at least 800 Euros already now and probably not had a viewing, so just like to say on balance I think Sellmyhouse.ie is a great system.

- Aaron, Wicklow


I checked my UNLIMITED property ad on your website and I am really impressed with the service you provide. Both with how you feature my property, and highlight it with a banner. Great Service! Thank you

- Stephen, Donegal


I listed my west cork property with an estate agent and I also listed in on Sellmyhouse.ie which turned out to be a great help getting my house sold ! I would certainly use your service again. Thanks

- Tom, West Cork


Sellmyhouse.ie is a great site. I have had 10 enquiries to date from around the world. I am positive that this site will secure me a purchaser. Thanks a lot.

- Philomena, Kerry


Thank you for this superb service. I sold my house directly to a buyer who saw my property on your site. It cost so little and yet I saved thousands on agents fees, enough for a new kitchen in our new house. It was all relatively simple !! Highly recommended.

- Patrick, Cork


.. it is interesting to note that our ad is receiving as many views on your site, as a high cost major property portal where we also have the property advertised.

-Nessa, Wexford


Your site has been a great market place for our property-many thanks for all your help ...

-Helen, Waterford


This site worked really well to help me get my property sold privately. It was easy to add up my property and I got enquiries quickly and set up viewings. The whole thing worked really well. Great service and happy to recommend.

-Aisling, Dublin


Great site for selling your property as the web site comes top in most searches and is linked to a lot of other sites where house hunters are searching for properties. Easy to use site, and also very prompt customer service.

-Kurt, Cork





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